Elio Galante

There are not many Western Australian builders with the experience and industry knowledge that beaumonde Homes Managing director Elio Galante possesses.

But despite his almost 48 years designing and building homes, Mr Galante insists he continues to learn and develop his skills to this day.

‘I began my career ages 18 as a draftsman for Skyline Homes in Morley’ Mr Galante said

‘From there I moved to Plunkett Homes where I started as an ordering clerk and then progressed through to assistant construction manager.

I then worked as a construction manager at Perceptions before leaving to start Beaumonde Homes in 1986.

With family at heart of the business, Mr Galante is joined by his son Troy who helps oversee the day to day running of the business and his daughter Chanelle who has a discerning eye for design and works with Mr Galante to create beautiful internal finishes and carefully hand selects tasteful decorations for the display homes

‘I have loved seeing Beaumonde Homes grow from its humble beginnings to build to building so many beautiful homes for our clients’ Mr Galante said

‘But the best thing for me has been watching my son progress from his initial role in the scheduling department to now being the general manager of the business’

As managing director with a number of roles to cover, no two days are the same for Mr Galante

‘My job involves a range of tasks including sales, construction, office procedures, drafting and looking after the financial side of the business’ he said

‘The thing I enjoy the most about my job is dealing with our clients, staff, suppliers and subcontractors and overing a project from the design stage right through to completion.

‘A standout project for me was a home we built on Saunders Street Mosman Park. It was a big home with a swimming pool suspended over the driveway into the garage.

‘The finished product was absolutely outstanding’

When asked if there was anything else Mr Galante would like to achieve with Beaumonde Homes, the answer was a simple one.

‘I just want to continue building beautiful homes for our clients’ he said

‘I believe the future looks very good for Beaumonde Homes’

‘I believe the future looks very good for Beaumonde Homes’
Elio Galante,

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